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Have a strong desire to get a good job and work hard for that. Any good test will require a consistent preparation for about 4 to 5 months. Hard work and sincerity is the key to success.

Know the sections of the test you are going to take. Plan your preparation accordingly. In general you will be tested in English and Mathematics along with your core subjects.Improve your reading speed first. Build your vocabulary. Reading speed could be increased by reading newspapers, good books on various subjects. You should be able to read fast and comprehend what you read.

Vocabulary can be improved my referring the dictionary often. Whenever you come across a new word you should find out the meaning of the word and start using it often.

Learn to do the simple mathematical calculations without the use of calculator. Getting rid of the calculator which becomes a habit in college is very important.

Know your weakness. Work to rectify your weakness from the fundamentals. Make sure you get your fundamentals correct in the initial months. Be regular in your preparation. This is most important.

If you think any coaching institute can help you, join after careful evaluation. Try to make good use of the time spent in the institute. If you prefer group study make sure your intention and effort is not diluted.

Try to get as much mock test practice as possible. Take all tests timed. Even if you are doing one section of half hour say verbal, Time it and take it undisturbed.

Analysis of the test is more important than the test taking itself. Analyse the trend to arrive at the areas or sections where you need to spend available time in the optimum manner.

On the test day make sure you are at your best. Plan the previous week / day to energise you better so that you give your best in the test.

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