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Interview Tips

Interview is a very important step in the selection process. The panel members sitting in the Interview Board have got prior information about the candidate, his/her CV, Written exam & Aptitude test marks, GD gradations etc. They just want to have a feel of the candidate and make an impression so as to decide one way or other. Few Tips for facing the interview successfully.


Prepare well in your subject. Do some homework and investigation about the firm to which you are going for interview. Have cursory glance of the current and last 7 days newspapers and journals to have an idea about the current topics of interest.


Be there safely 10 minutes before the time given and relax physically and mentally. Don't get anxiety and tension.


Formal, neatly done with tie, shoes, preferably full hand shirt. Avoid dark colors, gaudy and sports shoes.


Carry all original or attested copies of testimonials, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener and few blank sheets of paper.

During the Interview

When your name is called, walk slowly, knock the door before entering, and take the seat after it is offered, say "Thank you" and sit. Sit erect(but not rigid) with both the feet flat on the ground, both hands on you lap loosely. Be attentive. Lit bit of meditation will help you become calm in mind which will focus your attention to the process.

Answer the question in crisp, short & sweet statements. Do not elaborate, as questions are likely to be asked from your statements only. If you do not hear a question clearly, there is nothing wrong to politely ask them to repeat the question. Similarly if you are not able to understand certain difficult or too technical questions, you can request them to rephrase it.

Try to maintain positive eye contact throughout the interview. Try to answer the questions like "Tell us about yourself", "Are you willing to be Mobile" etc. very carefully. Similarly if you do not sincerely know an answer, frankly say so but never try to bluff it.

When the interview is over and asked to leave, get up slowly, gently without making noise push the chair back, take a side step and walk back facing the Interviewers few steps and then turn, walk out of the room duly closing the door behind you. This will help you to watch the Interviewer's body-language & eye contact between themselves which will give an indication how the interview had proceeded.

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